October 16, 2011

Beach's Inspiring Spirits Tour

Actor begins Inspiring Spirits Tour in La RongeAdam Beach began his Inspiring Spirits Tour in La Ronge. The tour will take him to 40 communities across Canada, then into the United States and South America.

Throughout the tour, Beach plans to document stories of Aboriginal artists across the two continents.

In La Ronge he participated in a youth conference hosted by Senator Myles Venne School (SMVS). He shared his life story beginning with the death of his parents, within a few months of each other when he was eight years old; his years living in the North End of Winnipeg, where he got involved in gangs; and the learning of a life-changing lesson about respect, what it means and its importance. He got his start at an acting career at 16 and he never looked back.

He tells his story to “empower others,” particularly First Nation youth.

He also spoke of the online media project he is planning, which will involve online media education and the Inspiriting Spirits Tour. “I want to be able to take two students to one of my schools, fly them back with a camera, sound system and give you a half-hour slot on one of my channels so the world has access to you (and) you become an independent filmmaker.”
Comment:  For more on Adam Beach's philanthropy, see Adam Beach Helps Flood Victims and Adam Beach's Health-Related Videos.

Below:  "Adam Beach receives a lesson on the fiddle." (Tristen Durocher)

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