October 12, 2011

Descendant excuses Columbus's crimes

Here's an article on Cristobal Colon, aka Christopher Columbus--apparently a direct descendant of his namesake. The interesting part is his take on his ancestor.

Christopher Columbus on his complicated relationship with Americans

By Alejandro D ZajacThe 20th Christopher Columbus has another famous ancestor--Montezuma II.

He considers himself living proof that Spaniards didn't discriminate against indigenous people.

His opinion counters that of many indigenous movements, who have a hostile attitude towards 12 October Columbus Day celebrations.

Mr Colon considers that "a purely political issue."

He believes that his ancestor is often "blamed for all the bad things that happen in certain countries" and that some Latin-American politicians use anti-Columbus sentiment to "justify all the bad situations and lack of development since the Spaniards left their countries."

"Columbus was an explorer, nothing more," he says, and notes that an explorer and a conqueror are two very different things.

"Of course not all those who went [to America] were Spain's finest. They had their fair share of greed and desire to get rich," he says.
Comment:  It's "political" that Columbus enslaved and killed Indians? No, it's a fact. Facts generally aren't political unless you're a Republican teabagger.

The last sentence is the only one that's even slightly true. Not all the Spaniards were greedy thieves, rapists, and killers. A few of them were probably as fine as Spaniards anywhere.

For more on Columbus, see Occupy Denver Joins Columbus Protest and Textbooks Neuter Columbus Critiques.

Below:  "Cristóbal Colón in front of the replica of a ship sailed by his ancestor."

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