October 12, 2011

Happy Indigenous Day 2011!

Today's the actual anniversary of Columbus's historic mistake. In his "honor," a couple of tweets:

The thing to remember about Columbus is he started killing Indians before diseases took their toll. So the Europeans' intent was genocidal.

Does anyone have a house, lot, car, PC, or other property they're not using productively? If so, it's mine. I'll take it a la Columbus.

Plus my annual reposting of my soon-to-be-classic posting from 2009: Columbus tweets about his 1492 voyage and "discovery":

Columbus twitters

Finally, my 1994 essay from the early days of my Native interest:

This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco:  A Columbus Day Rant

For more on the subject, see Descendant Excuses Columbus's Crimes and Textbooks Neuter Columbus Critiques.

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