November 04, 2012

"Indians in Bikinis!"

Another day, another costume controversy. From FAIR Media on Facebook:Halloween is over, now we must contend with ThanksTAKING season.

This has got to stop.

Here is what they posted with their ad: "We've got a REALLY fun way for you to spend the night before Thanksgiving--it's our "INDIANS IN BIKINIS" theme night with lots of barely-dressed natives dancing, $1 drinks for everyone from 9pm-11pm, $500 in Target Gift Cards given away throughout the night, plus a RIDICULOUS, DISGUSTING, and TOTALLY PERVERTED "STUFF A TURKEY" contest hosted by ARICA LOVE!"

Facebook page:


And the inevitable reactions:I think my eyeballs just melted from the awfulness.



One of the worst Photoshop jobs ever...even in the already low standards of gay bar publicity....

Oh my goodness...this never stops does it?

OMG...Take it off!!!! The war bonnet, that is!!! How rude!!!

I can't believe this. I just can't wrap my mind around what these people were thinking they would accomplish with this kind of sick crap. Yes, Despicable!
This controversy was short-lived and didn't take off like some of the others. Less than 24 hours later, "Richard" noted that the image was gone. FAIR Media responded:You are right, Richard--it is gone from their page. There is no statement at all. We'll have to find out if they have cancelled the event, or changed the theme for the night--or have they just removed a pic from their FB page to avoid criticism.

We'll let you all know what we find out.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see What's Wrong with No Doubt's Video and Halloween = "Socially Acceptable Racism."


Anonymous said...

That is Awful!!

Anonymous said...

You need to let us post images, so I can post one of Toht. Seriously. What is this i dont even. Don't most of these Indian fetish things use loincloths?