May 01, 2013

TAI's Indian Kill album

The activist Deejay NDN posted this to Facebook with the following caption:I can't believe this is OK. This is the cover for TAI's new album "Indian Kill." He's a German producer signed to Dim Mak owned by Steve Aoki. This makes me sick on how violent racism like this is acceptable in the EDM. I'm so upset right now.

Someone else posted the following photo to show Aoki's attitude toward Natives and Native stereotypes:

This pretty much cements the notion that Aoki is an unconscious or conscious racist. He wouldn't do this unless he doesn't know or care about the Native reality.

It's reminiscent of the Indian-skull t-shirts I've blogged about. And just as wrong as they are, for the same reasons.

For more racists in the music industry, see Sexy "Indians" in Snoop Dogg Video and No Doubt Video = Custer's Revenge.

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