May 01, 2007

Hookers are human too

This is a note about a documentary ABOUT prostitution, not a posting that encourages prostitution. It's hard to believe that merely talking about a "crime" violates any community standards. Marcel Petit’s Documentary “Hookers”:  A Gift of Hope and HealingPetit’s feature Hookers shares the struggle of Native women who once worked the streets of Saskatoon and how they’ve “crawled back out and begun their healing process.”

The story is not exploitative; quite the opposite—in many ways, this is his story too. A Cree/French native of Saskatoon, his mother and his sister both were prostitutes. But Hookers is not a downcast real-life drama; his mother and sib and the others interviewed have risen from the ashes like a phoenix to live full and yes, respectable lives.

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