May 16, 2007

Liberals defend racial stereotypes

Many Whites Still Smugly Tie Their Racial Blinders TightWhat was troubling, though, was the blind rush by the respondents to justify, ignore, gloss over, or flat out defend negative racial typecasting of blacks. These posts weren't on the Fox network's or a conservative website. They were on Alternet, the Huffington Post, and other liberal, progressive sites.

Those that read and post on these sites are more likely young, white, and consider themselves the most socially and politically enlightened. They feverishly bash Bush policies, cheer Michael Moore, and swoon over Obama, unabashedly back environmental, gay rights, immigration reform, and indigenous struggles for land and reform in Latin America. Yet, they see absolutely no harm in racial stereotypes, especially anti-black stereotypes.

Is it ignorance, confusion, racial denial, or closet bigotry? It's all of the above. There are several compelling hints that the racial blinders are tied chokingly tight on many whites, particularly young whites.
Comment:  As I wrote in the comments section:

The same applies to Native American stereotypes. The majority of Americans, including liberals, gasp at the word "nigger" but see no problem cheering the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo, or the University of Illinois's Chief Illiniwek. They ignore the Native stereotypes around them even while proclaiming their abhorrence of racism and stereotyping.

See the Stereotype of the Month contest for more on the subject.

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