May 01, 2007


"Marvel Illustrated" Brings the Classics Back to LifeBecause you demanded it! Retailers and fans have demanded that Marvel bring some of the most timeless, enduring novels to life in comic book form and we’re happy to oblige with Marvel Illustrated, the House of Idea’s new line featuring the best of classic literature as adapted by industry legend Roy Thomas & a slew of talented artists. Over the summer, fans of all ages will be able to thrill to such tales as The Last Of The Mohicans, Treasure Island, Man In The Iron Mask and more, as Marvel provides the most in depth graphic literature adaptations of these stories to date. Adapted in six full length issues, each limited series re-telling of these renowned tales will stay true to the source material while presenting each story in our unique mighty Marvel style.

Beginning with May’s Marvel Illustrated: The Last Of The Mohicans, featuring the lush art of Marvel newcomer Steve Kurth and Denis Medri, James Fennimore Cooper’s 1826 novel is considered by many to be one of the great American novels. Exploring one of the most crucial periods in United States history, The Last Of The Mohicans explores the tensions between British colonists and the dwindling Native American population, all in the wild wilderness of the “New World.” Each issue will also feature special backup tales about series protagonist Hawkeye, an American who remains the mold for the definition of the word “hero.”

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That cover sucks, Hawkeye wouldn't use his weapon like that