May 10, 2007

"Reggae prince" visits Hopi

Hopi hosts Stephen Marley TourHopi recently played host to a true reggae prince. Stephen Marley, son of legendary reggae "king" Bob Marley, graced the stage at the Hopi Veteran's Memorial Center on April 29. Parrot Promotions, a Hopi-owned promotion company headed by KUYI radio's reggae Diva Sista Parrot (Karen Abeita) was credited for bringing the Stephen Marley Tour out to the Hopi reservation.

"The people--Hopi people and Indian people--have many things in common with us. The peoples' spirits are parallel, and they are good people, God's people, and they are very special. There is much that I wanted to see here, but we have to get going and I hope to return again to perform here again," stated Marley after the concert. Marley later stated that he had been to one other reservation that he could remember. As a youngster he performed on a reservation in Florida.

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