May 03, 2007

Traditions of the "Apache shaman"

Apache medicine man will teach about shamanic traditionsTraditions of the Apache shaman--including the building of stone circles, Native American traditions and healers, and the 2012 prophecy--will be taught today through Saturday at Kellar Dance Dynamics.

Ernesto Alvarado, an Apache from Coahuila, Mexico, with 30 years of experience as an educator in the Colorado school system, will conduct the workshops.

Alvarado is a featured medicine man in the book "Shamanic Wisdomkeepers" and is a trained herbal practitioner. His biography states that he is recognized as a medicine man by California Piyute, Colorado Apache and Lakota bands in the U.S. and all bands in Mexico. He is an initiated medicine man by Rapid City Lakota and ceremonial leader in France, Switzerland, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
Comment:  The 2012 prophecy is part of the Maya belief system, so why would an Apache be teaching it? There's no such tribe as the "Colorado Apache" or the "Rapid City Lakota."

In short, this article sounds suspicious to me. Either the "shaman" or the writer was sloppy with the facts--maybe both.

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