July 13, 2007

Colorado trip pix (Days 4-6)

Lyons, Colorado--June 30, 2007
Rocky Mountain hikes--July 1, 2007
Rocky Mountain National Park--July 2, 2007

Indian lore:

  • An antique shop in downtown Lyons had an Iroquois-style wooden Indian in front of it.

  • We drove past the University of Colorado, Boulder--home of the infamous Ward Churchill.

  • Longs Peak is the only "fourteener" (14,000-ft. mountain) in Rocky Mountain National Park. According to a website, "Longs Peak was a landmark for the Utes, Arapaho, and earlier people who traveled, hunted, and sometimes fought in these mountains, and it is believed that ancient Indians scaled Longs Peak's summit, perhaps in efforts to trap eagles."
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