September 26, 2007

Acoma photos on exhibit

Images of Acoma

Marmon: Tried to capture ‘real life images of Native peoples’Lee Marmon, the official photographer for the Pueblo of Acoma for decades, has sold his collection of 55,000-plus negatives to the Acoma Cultural Center and Haak’u Museum, which has placed 98 of his photos in a show that began Saturday at the museum.

“The name of the show is 'Pueblo Places and Faces,'” and will be on exhibit in the museum until Sept. 30, 2008, Museum Curator Damian Garcia said.
An example of Marmon's work:While viewing two photos, one atop another, of two American Indians, Jose Teofilo, from 1961; and Dewey Haskie, 1975, one is struck by the strength of character in their faces.

The deeply creased wrinkles in their faces an the looks in their eyes tell a story of determination during hard times.

While looking at the same photos, Rachel Robertson put it best when she said: “Their faces show the years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom and the history of their people.”

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