September 23, 2007

The Super Bowl of hunting

Tradition brings hunters to Wyo. eventIf hunting has a Super Bowl, this is it.

Each carried a single bullet, blessed by a chief of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, to fire at an animal that can be maddeningly difficult to hunt, with keen eyesight, a nervous nature and a top speed of better than 50 mph.

Among the men in the Sept. 15 hunt were three governors, various captains of industry and some of the world‘s leading big-game hunters, from as far away as Argentina and South Africa.

"To participate in the One Shot Antelope Hunt is really a tremendous deal for us in hunting, but also for the state of Wyoming," said Duncan, who ranks 85th on Forbes‘ billionaires, worth more than $8 billion. On some 60 safaris in Africa, he has killed 18 elephants, 20 lions and more than 50 cape buffalo. He holds top hunting awards from groups such as Safari Club International.

"It goes for a great cause, and conservation is what helps animals everywhere in the world," Duncan said.

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