September 16, 2007

Derib's Indian comics

YakariYakari is a Franco-Belgian comic book series written by Job and illustrated by Derib.

The books have been translated in 17 languages including German, Finnish, Breton, Indonesian, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, and Inuktitut, etc. Yakari has been adapted to a cartoon series on television.

Yakari is a young Sioux Native American. He has the particularity to be able to understand and speak animal language. During his adventures, he meets all sorts of North American animals. His best fried is Rainbow, and he is also great friends with his pony, Little Thunder. He has a totem, Great Eagle.
YAKARI 1 GREAT EAGLE TPYakari is a little Indian, courageous and generous, whose happy life all children would like to share. Astride Little Thunder, his faithful mustang, Yakari gallops across the Great Prairie, where people and animals live in harmony and migrate according to the seasons. Endowed with the wonderful ability to talk with all the animals, Yakari comes to know their way of life and their environment.DeribDerib (born Claude de Ribaupierre on August 8, 1944 in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland) is a Swiss comics creator, one of the most famous in Europe. He is probably best known for his Western comics such as the children's comic Yakari, and the more mature works Buddy Longway and Celui-qui-est-né-deux-fois (He-who-was-born-twice). He draws in both a realistic style, and a cartoon style (similar to other Franco-Belgian cartoonists, such as Peyo, Albert Uderzo etc.), with a fondness for drawing majestic landscapes of the American West. Many of his major works feature Sioux Native Americans as main characters, and he has stated in interviews that he holds great admiration for the tribe.


Erica said...

It's nice to read your blog entry about Yakari. I translate this series from French to English for the UK publisher Cinebook, which has brought out a number of volumes in English since 2005. We're working on another one this year! :-)

Rob said...

Send me a copy of the English version and I'll review it for my readers. ;-)