September 21, 2007

Oneida hosts golf tournament

PGA play begins in Indian countryThe Oneida Indian Nation has again broken new ground. By hosting the inaugural Turning Stone Resort Championship at its Atunyote Golf Club, which began play on Sept. 20, OIN becomes the first Indian nation to sponsor and host a major professional golfing event. This represents a coup not only for the Oneidas, but for Indian country as a whole.

Nation Representative Ray Halbritter, the driving force in positioning Turning Stone as a complete destination resort that happens to contain a casino, told ICT that hosting the new PGA Tour event will create a vehicle for what he hopes will be improved communication with the surrounding community.

"We're able to present an aspect of our people to the world in a way that represents what we desire--good relations and a beneficial existence," Halbritter said. "In our culture, we're taught to do our best in life. It's not about us as individuals--we're part of creation."
Course is environmentally sound:That sense of unity with the environment is readily apparent, so much so that Audobon International has certified Atunyote, which means "eagle" in the Oneida language, as an environmentally friendly course, the only such course on the PGA Tour.

Halbritter told ICT that in building Atunyote, the Nation sought to create a golfing experience of the highest quality, with great attention to detail and care.
Proceeds go to charity:Philanthropy, a natural outgrowth of the general spirit of generosity among the Oneida and the Haudenosaunee as a whole, plays a vital role in the tournament. All net proceeds of the Turning Stone Resort Championship will benefit charitable organizations operating in Central New York and across the country.

"This is about being an example--and living the example," Halbritter said. "Not just watching and witnessing, but living it." He added that approximately $250,000 has so far been raised for charity.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
The Oneida Tribe of New York is about to be sued by writerfella in Federal Court because they never have returned his writing submissions for their ostensible "Four Winds Talent Competition." It turned out to be a scam and they even involved the NBC Network in their machinations. NBC dropped out because they recognized that the supposed venture into diversity was a lie. The worst part of it all is that their supposed judging was done by 'Sonny' Roubideaux and Mark Reed, Los Angeles rip-off artists who draw in Native actor-wannabees and "train" them to be actors so they can be hired by the film industry. The whole matter fell apart and Ray Halbritter and his Oneida Tribe quite shortly will be the object of a Federal suit. If only he had returned writerfella's manuscripts intact, what is about to occur would never have been possible...
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Russ Bates