September 18, 2007

Indian pitches to Indian

Native American matchupjeremyveggie Post #1: Sep 16, 10:10 pm
Tonight we saw a half Winnebago Indian (Chamberlin) pitching to a full blood Navajo Indian (Ellsbury) in a major league game. I'm wondering when was the last time this happened if ever. I can't imagine it happens too often.

JuicersSuck Post #2: Sep 16, 10:49 pm
Have the Braves ever played the Indians in a World Series?

WILLBURROUGHS Post #3: Sep 17, 5:00 am
I am sure it has happened before, especially since you are counting somebody of partial ancestry. Willie Stargell, Johnny Bench, and Earl Wynne are all part Native American, and in the HOF. He11, there is a full-blooded Indian in the Hall (Chief Bender). I am sure they matched up against other Natives.

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