September 21, 2007

Reactions to Redskin magazine

Responses to my posting on Racialicious:Prometheus wrote:

Interesting. It’s like “Maxim” for the “noble savages.” Interesting concept. I understand the logic behind it: participate in American pop culture by re-appropriating Caucasian terminology already in circulation, thus ameliorating it’s derogatory valences. The problem with that is that traditional native american culture becomes further absorbed into capitalist ideology and commodity fetishism. That’s the price one pays for acceptance: the substitution of subjectivity for commodity.

Posted 20 Sep 2007 at 12:24 pm

Theora wrote:

It’s possible that “Redskin” is taking their naming idea from a Jewish pop culture magazine called “Heeb” ( They get to say that they are reclaiming an offensive term with the added benefit of making a play on words for their Maxim-style skin mag. Still racist and obnoxious, but they probably do think they are being all hipster and ironic in that sad 90s way.

Posted 20 Sep 2007 at 2:11 pm

bdsista wrote:

Redskin still means the same thing as the N word and being part Native, this really pisses me off. It doesn’t matter if its Native produced. One group of money grubbing sexist Indians doesn’t speak for the majority. Even most Black people are dropping use of the N-word. I live in MD and can’t stand and won’t go see the DC team, even though my mother is a 3rd generation native Washingtonian and all my relatives are there.

This is not what the Native community needs. If you want to see beautiful Native women, they are probably all around you and look like you. Native women look like all races and the beauty of the Native community is the diversity in the tribes and families. We need to see the beauty in the women who are teachers and doctors and clerks and at powwows and who are artists and who care for their families with almost nothing and who go to college and who read these blogs and write the truth. Not in objectifying young women for men to ogle at. This does not lift up a people, it does not dignify us either.

Posted 21 Sep 2007 at 8:55 am


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
W-e-e-e-el-l-l, writerfella has one thing to say. PLAYBOY in its heyday published some of the seminal science fiction stories of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and partly into the 1990s. When Hugh Hefner's daughter somehow took control of his corporation, the magazine stopped publishing any form of 'genre' fiction. Immediately their circulation and sales fell mightily. REDSKIN magazine, despite its somewhat objectionable title deserves its chance to find its place in the media marketplace. If only that writerfella will find a market for his as-yet unsold Native American science fiction stories. Who knows, REDSKIN Magazine just may be the wave of the future?
All Best
Russ Bates

Anonymous said...

Hello friends and family.

It seems that hate and ignorance against one another still lives in the hearts of our First Nations people. Oh wait, SCHMIDT that's German right? It seems that his last name means blacksmith or metalworker. I guess Rob doesn't believe in working hard to forge organic materials into a stronger tool that builds a better future. Interesting, I guess according to Rob Schmidt not all German people love our native people! That’s to bad Rob, because we (Natives) LOVE the German people.

Although our "somewhat objectionable title " is confusing some of our Native, dare I say "Indian" people, Writerfella has what our native people use to have: patience, an open mind and a good heart. These are traits that we all had in our traditional lives and we thank you Writerfella for your support and courage to support us. (We will talk sometime soon about your fiction)

RSM will not argue over these simple points with the haters, because the information and First Nations Education on these issues still stands. No matter how you word it and how you change and are changed by the ignorance of hate, Redskin Magazine will try to make a difference.

By the way you might want to educate yourselves on the history of the “N” word as you all call it. Then you might learn the major differences between the history of the words “red’ and “skin”. We feel sad for those whom believe they are one in the same. The culture of the African or Black culture mirrors our history in many ways. They are our brothers in the fight against racism and there is no need to make enemies with our brothers by supporting the hate they have faced.

RSM doesn’t not believe in supporting hate, wash your hands of the education you have been given that pigeonholes and stereotypes all our brothers and sisters with ignorance and hate.

Thank you all for your thoughts and comments and thanks to all our supporters who see the importance of working towards a better future.


Rob said...

Re "It seems that hate and ignorance against one another still lives in the hearts of our First Nations people": Yes, that's one way of characterizing your use of the objectionable word "redskin" as your magazine title. You were referring to yourselves with that comment, weren't you? Because you're the only ones who seem ignorant of the long history of hate and ignorance associated with the word.

Re "RSM will not argue over these simple points with the haters, because the information and First Nations Education on these issues still stands": You're correct that the education I've provided on the word redskin stands. That's because you apparently can't or won't challenge it. Your inability to touch my arguments is noted.

Your black "brothers" in civil-rights organizations such as the NAACP are among those who have denounced team names and mascots such as the Washington Redskins. Can you find any black people who accept calling Indians "redskins"? If so, please identify these people. I'd love to discuss it with them.

How would you know how much I know about the words "nigger" and "redskin"? What do you know that you think I don't know? If this isn't more empty verbiage, tell us what you think you know. Good luck with your'll need it.

SO RSM "doesn't not" believe in supporting hate? In other words, you do believe in supporting hate? Perhaps what you don't believe in is proofreading your comments. I hope you do a better job of it in your magazine.

I've been working toward a better future for our multicultural society for two decades. Have you even been alive that long? If so, have you learned anything about respecting your elders? It sure doesn't seem like it.

Part of my work is criticizing stereotypes such as your magazine title and content. This work is going well, since I'm lecturing at museums and appearing in documentaries on Native subjects. How about you? When you've done as much educating as I have, why don't you tell us about it?

By the way, when is the first issue coming out? Wasn't it supposed to be out in November or December? Are you having trouble finding people who will buy a magazine titled with an ethnic slur? Or what, exactly?