October 12, 2007

Documentary on original Iowans

Ioway tribe featured in Iowa-focused filmYou might say that the latest film effort from Kelly and Tammy Rundle is an effort to put a face with a name.

The name is quite well-known--Iowa. The face belongs to the far less heralded Ioway, an American Indian tribe that long ago left the state.

"I don't think most people knew anything about the Ioway people, and we didn't really anticipate that," said Tammy Rundle. "I think that our film, it's done some real good in that it's brought out some of that information."

"Lost Nation: The Ioway" is the second Iowa-focused project from the Rundles, a husband-wife tandem who make documentaries. Their earlier project, "Vilisca: Living With a Mystery," examined one of Iowa's most infamous murders.

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