October 06, 2007

Global warming, A-bombs, and AIDS

Columbus Day Celebrates Western Civilization"Columbus Day is, at root, a celebration of the worldwide spread of Western civilization--a value that is under attack from multiculturalists at home and Islamic totalitarians abroad.

"Multiculturalism, which rejects the idea that some cultures are superior to others, makes it possible for American Indian activists to get away with castigating Columbus as a 'cultural imperialist,' calling for abolition of his holiday and replacing it with 'Indigenous Peoples Day.' This is outrageous. Contrary to the multiculturalist position, it is possible to demonstrate objectively that one society is superior to another--by the standard of what benefits human life. By this standard, modern industrial society is incomparably superior to the barbaric, tribalistic Stone Age culture of the Indians who predated Columbus.
Comment:  "Benefits human life" in what way? Intellectually? Artistically? Spiritually?

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Yes, we Natives still live in tipis and shoot buffalo and otherwise live like stone age people, despite the fact that we lost two whole world continents, nearly were extincted, and then marched at gunpoint to be assimilated (Resistance is futile!) and dragooned into a 'society' and a 'civilization' we never wanted or needed. Pardon writerfella while he gets more firewood to run his computer.
It's all been heard before: whether from Socialists or Technocrats or Aryans or Hitlerites or Neo-Nazis or ultrarightwingers ad nauseam. The interesting matter is that the ones so named and who also are so vocal ALWAYS are Caucasian EuroMen and the lives they talk about benefitting ALWAYS are their own...
All Best
Russ Bates