October 03, 2007

Indians disliked more than blacks

Attitudes on Indians

Survey finds indication of overt, subtle racism"Native Americans may also be subject to a newer form of racism called subtle racism, which is centered on them as being different, having poor work ethic, and unfavorable," said Combs, who conducted the study along with student Melissa Tibbits.

Indians also are more likely to be regarded with "blatant prejudice" than black people, the survey showed.

The study also found that particular attributes, such as associating Indians with a heightened sense of nature and spiritual awareness--while not negative--paint a picture based on assumptions rather than reality.

Officials with the Tulsa Indian Coalition on Racism, who viewed the study's results, said that when generalities about Indians abound, negative viewpoints are nurtured and sustained.

"People think we have privilege and all get gaming checks. ... That's not true," TICAR President Louis Gray said.

"People don't think of us as human; we're just symbols, but we have hopes and dreams like everyone else," he said.

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