October 15, 2007

Wilson tries Hualapai healing

Wilson using Native American therapy, say reportsThe 'Wedding Crashers' star was joined by brothers Andrew and Luke on the low-key trip to Arizona, where the Wilsons also checked out the new glass walkway, which allows tourists to look directly into the Grand Canyon.

It was on the walkway that a Hualapai medicine man reportedly performed a cleansing ceremony for the troubled actor, waving sage over his head while dancing and chanting.

A bystander, who claims he witnessed the odd moment, told US tabloid the National Enquirer: "They stayed on the platform for about 30 minutes--with the medicine man chanting and dancing the entire time.

"Afterward, Owen seemed happy, and he was chatting with tourists."
Comment:  You gotta wonder what a Hualapai medicine man is doing on the Skywalk. Does he offer his services to anyone who looks queasy? For a "donation," I presume? I've never heard of a genuine medicine man trolling for patients like some sort of street performer.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
It simply is evidence of Native acculturation caused from assimilation by, and imitation of, the dominant culture, so much so that even Native healers now have their own 'ambulance chasers...'
All Best
Russ Bates