December 30, 2007

Creative Spirit filmmakers speak

“Creative Spirit” Films Premiere at Paramount StudiosAncestor Eyes

Ancestor Eyes tells the story of a mother (Tantoo Cardinal) coming to terms with the declining health of her daughter (Rulan Tangen). “I really wanted to do an homage to matriarchal power, to the love between a mother and a daughter,” said Queypo. “An homage to the life-givers and the caregivers.”

Queypo emphasizes the circular nature of his themes. The mother thinks she knows best but learns from the daughter, who becomes the parent and guide. The mother lets go of her preconceptions and accepts what’s happening.

Two Spirits, One Journey

Two Spirits, One Journey deals with a gay relationship on the Pine Ridge reservation. Luke (Alex Meraz) wants to come out and be himself, even if it means leaving the rez. Chris (Patrick David) would rather pretend to be straight than face ostracism.

“When I first started writing this, it was a personal story, so I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what the ramifications would be,” said Imitates Dog. Normally, “we just don’t talk about it.”
Pictured below:  Kalani Queypo.

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