December 18, 2007

Zia symbol for Santa Fe logo

Zia favored for city's 400th-year logo designWith 30 percent of some 5,000 votes favoring an image of adobe buildings under a Zia symbol, one final vote could veto or approve the first artifact of the City Different's 400th-anniversary event.

The Santa Fe 400th Anniversary Committee on Friday announced the selection of a design by Albuquerque artist Derek LaDuke as the official logo of a planned three-year commemoration.
Another case of cultural appropriation? Not quite:Committee chairman Maurice Bonal said his group will now ask the owners of the Zia symbol if it's OK to use the stylized sun emblem, which also appears on the state flag.

"We will ask Zia (Pueblo) if they have any issues with it," Bonal said.

The anniversary committee will "absolutely" change the logo if Zia officials don't approve, Bonal said.
Comment:  Nice of Santa Fe's leaders to ask Zia about using its symbol after they've chosen it. Better late than never, I guess.

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