December 20, 2007

Manitobans bootleg superjuice

'Superjuice' homebrew wreaks havoc on First NationsA home-brewed drink called superjuice is having a devastating impact on young people living on a remote Manitoba First Nation, a round table on native youth issues heard Tuesday.

Superjuice is created using packets of high-potency yeast, usually purchased at brewing stores in Winnipeg, Bobby Monias, the regional youth adviser for Assembly for Manitoba Chiefs, told the round table on northern aboriginal youth issues.

People bring the yeast—which can produce more potent alcohol than regular yeast in just a few days—into the community, mix it with water and sugar in pails, and leave it to ferment for a couple of days, he said.

It's then put into two-litre bottles and sold for between $80 and $100 for each bottle.

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