January 01, 2008

Montclair = one of 10 best

There's still time to view almost all of the 10 best art showsYou can still see nine of the art shows on this year's 10 best list--all except the Whitney's "Summer of Love" show, which closed, appropriately, in September.

The common thread this year? Glitter and ritual.

NEW JERSEY: The Montclair Art Museum outdid itself with "Reflecting Culture: The Evolution of Comic Book Superheroes," which is still up through Jan. 13. Drawn from local sources (including the producers of the "Batman Returns" movie and classic era comic book artists who happened to live in Jersey), the show is a survey of how comics have captured so much of American life.


dmarks said...

Supes is looking kind of fat there, isn't he?

Rob said...

Yes. You probably could do a whole study on how body types in comics reflect our changing culture. The short version: As our society becomes more sex- and youth-oriented, superheroes have become slimmer and more muscular.