March 29, 2008

Animation enthralls audience

The past meets the present

Traditional tales are told through speeches, computer animationGround then got the children excited to see Native stories told in a new way, through computer animation. "I couldn't tell stories this way because I can't draw," he said.

The animated films "Raccoon and Crawfish," "Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun" and "Raven Tales: Raven and the First People" tell traditional Native stories with computer animation that range from five to 25 minutes in length.

The audience of approximately 50 people was so enthralled with Ground's stories and with the animated films that almost everyone stayed, even though the event went on 30 minutes longer than planned. Many stayed after to speak with Ground about the stories, something he encourages.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Videos and Cartoons.

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