March 23, 2008

Chickasaws subsidize CD

Chickasaw works make historyThe Chickasaw Nation is underwriting classical musician Jerod Tate's first recorded works.

Tate, 39, an American Indian and classical music composer of about 16 years, just released a compact disc on Thunderbird Records. It blends classical orchestration and American Indian folklore melodies.

Tate, accompanied by the Oklahoma Youth Orchestra, performed the recorded works on his CD to an invitation-only audience at the Oklahoma History Center this month.

The full-length CD, about 60 minutes, includes a work from the "Chickasaw Garfish Dance Song,” which appears to be the only true surviving Chickasaw dance. It is traditionally associated with the green corn ceremony, in which the teeth of a garfish are used in the purification ritual connected with the summer ceremonies.
Comment:  The Chickasaws also subsidized the CHICKASAW ADVENTURES comic-book series. I'd say telling their story in popular formats is a smart use of their gaming income.

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