March 17, 2008

Preview of The Ruins

The upcoming movie The Ruins is based on the concept of ancient Indians as evildoers. For other examples in this subgenre, see Apocalypto, Pocahauntus, and The Missing as well as every movie featuring an Indian curse or burial grounds.

From the official website of The Ruins, due for release April 4, 2008:Based on the terrifying best-seller by Scott Smith, "The Ruins" follows a group of friends who become entangled in a brutal struggle for survival after visiting a remote archaeological dig in the Mexican jungle where they discover something deadly living among the ruins.And here's the trailer:

Comment:  If you have a good memory, you may recall that the book was a Stereotype of the Month entry in September 2006. I won't spoil the movie's plot, but click here to learn what The Ruins is about and why it's stereotypical.

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