March 29, 2008

More racism in North Dakota

At another sorority party in North Dakota, students "honored" blacks and gays the way they "honor" Indians: by acting like cartoon stereotypes.

Obama skit prompts an investigationThe March 18 skit—which ignited complaints of racial insensitivity—involved the NDSU Saddle and Sirloin Club and was performed during the annual Mr. NDSU pageant, which is sponsored by the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority.

The Forum reported on the lip-sync act in which a white student—wearing dark makeup and an Afro wig—portrayed Obama receiving a lap dance. In the background, two male students dressed as cowboys simulated anal sex while holding an Obama sign that one student ripped at the end of the 30-second skit.
What's a party without some racist stereotyping?“I certainly was concerned when I read the (NDSU blackface) article in the paper this morning, as I was when I read about the UND party,” [state higher education board President John Q. Paulsen] said, referring to a UND sorority party held last November.

Guests at the UND party—hosted by the Gamma Phi Beta sorority—dressed in faux Native American regalia and red face and body paint. Native American students filed complaints after one of them found photos of the party on Gamma Phi president Anastasia Ginda’s Facebook account. The sorority is on temporary social probation while the university investigates the party photo complaints.
Comment:  These racist parties and skits wouldn't have happened if most people who organized and attended them thought they were okay.

Do officials still claim that racism isn't rampant in North Dakota? If so, they're in denial.

For more on the subject, see Fighting the Fighting Sioux.


Anonymous said...

Issues man issues. If America was not so ignorant obama would win hands down. It's the cooperate pigs vs the little guy..... Easy too see. Just look at obama's response over seas.. if given the right info people will do the right thing. We are lost. Without real media it will be another four years of the same.

Anonymous said...

like really do u think PRESIDENT Obama looks like that? no I didn't think so. c it ignorant ppl like u(or whoever created this) that is makin our economy worse. it may not seem that way but it's true in sumways.

Rob said...

Someone on the Internet created this picture of Obama, Anonymous. I used it because it accurately reflected the costume at the party.