April 22, 2008

Adam's next moves

Beach leaving Law and Order: SVUOne upcoming project is a movie called Paper Games, to be shot in either Winnipeg or Vancouver this summer, in which he plays a hit man.

Beach is also launching an Internet television talk show on aboriginal issues. The show will be shot with two cameras out of his home.

Also on his to-do list is a movie about Louis Riel. He would like to turn it from a regional story into an international one, "if it’s done right."


Anonymous said...

"Beach leaving Law and Order" Can't say I didn't see this coming. I'm an avid fan of Law and Order and I would actually count all the lines Mr. Beach spoke, which weren't many. They never developed his character nor was he prominent in any story line. What a waste of talent.


Anonymous said...

I hate to see him go. The last episode was pretty messed up too. I think he could have broken serious ground if he would have been given more screentime and a central role. It was so exciting ot have a Native on prime time TV that wasn't starring in some western miniseries. I wish it would have worked out.