April 29, 2008

Notable Native athletes

Along with its list of 100 amazing Indian discoveries, the Fall 2004 issue of American Indian included a spread on some of the greatest Native athletes.

Winning Ways

Native American athletes have accomplished some of the most impressive feats in sports history.

Jim Thorpe
Big Hawk Chief
George Armstrong
Fred Sasakamoose
Louis "Deerfoot" Bennett
Ted Nolan
Louis Tewanima
Waneek Horn-Miller
Notah Begay
Marvin L. Camel Jr.
Naomi Lang
Tom Longboat
Billy Mills
Sonny Sixkiller
Bryan Trottier

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Anonymous said...

Most often forgotten is Elison "Tarzan" Brown, Narragansett Indian, winner of the Boston Marthon mutliple times, distance runner in the 1930 Olympics with Jesse Owens.

Eric Wilcox - Narragansett