April 17, 2008

Indians play Sasquatch prank

Hays comes alive with Bigfoot rumorsSeveral people had spotted strange, very large prints in the snow and dirt—some marred with blood and hair—around the powwow grounds where Fort Belknap tribal members hold dances every summer.

Armed with only a camera, Horseman and two friends last month bravely headed into Mission Canyon, a mile south of Hays.

What they found surprised even the grizzled investigator. On the south end of the canyon park, some 25 prints were spotted in a 75-yard stretch. The prints looked like giant handprints, with fingers a good 4 inches longer than Horseman's.
The mystery solved:Pressured by the Tribune's staff of investigative reporters, Anthony Shambo spilled that the trickster was his brother, Reno Shambo, who intended to simply pull a prank on his young son.

"He brought it up to me two weeks before it happened," Shambo said Wednesday. "I kind of laughed at him and said nobody's going to believe that."

Reno Shambo, a coyote hunter, had cut the large prints out of 2-by-4s and strapped them to his feet.

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