April 18, 2008

Why Gorby spoke

What was Gorby doing at Hard Rock?In a pre-speech news conference chronicled by my colleague David Fleshler, Gorbachev had kind things to say about the Castro brothers and Cuba’s communist revolution and unkind things to say about the United States’ hard-line position and ongoing embargoes with the island.

This isn’t what you usually hear from visiting dignitaries in South Florida. Talk like that around Miami 15 or 20 years ago would have triggered demonstrations and boycotts.

As change continues to unfold in Cuba, with Raul taking power, it’s logical that U.S. businesses position themselves for the future. Especially if a Democrat who’s willing to ease the embargoes is elected president.

Maybe the Seminoles envision the day when Havana once again becomes a tourist destination with casinos. And maybe Gorbachev can be an envoy who helps them get an inside track in expanding there.


dmarks said...

"Gorbachev had kind things to say about the Castro brothers and Cuba’s communist revolution"

Of course. He propped up the colonial dictatorship in Cuba during his years in office, and he has proven to be fond of centralized fascist economics, severe repression of political prisoners, no press or other freedoms, and zero democracy.

What would be surprising would be if there were anti-fascist, anti-totalitarian efforts that he supported or Stalinist dictators he did not speak warmly about.

Rob said...

Since Gorbachev's many reforms focused on the USSR's internal economic and political systems...yes, it might be surprising if he also spoke out about anti-totalitarian efforts elsewhere. He was kind of busy and couldn't take on every issue simultaneously.

It also might be surprising if Ronald Reagan, his American counterpart, ever spoke out about anti-totalitarian efforts. As I said, Reagan loved despots and dictators about as much as Gorbachev did.

I wonder why you're criticizing Gorbachev for doing the same thing Reagan and other conservative American leaders did. Can you say "inconsistent"?