April 16, 2008

Another stupid radio jock

Following shock-jock Bob Dumas's insulting comments about the Lumbee, another radio DJ has made another offensive remark about Natives.

Radio show comment about Native women fires outrageDriving to her job in Anchorage that morning, Davis said she laughed as the two men discussed the car accidents around the city, and joked about how you weren’t a real Alaskan unless you’d crashed at a busy intersection.

Later, one of the DJs on the classic rock station tried to make a play off an old Alaska saying, and asked, “Have you made love to the Yukon and peed in a Native woman?” Davis said.

“I was horrified," said Davis. "I was completely shocked, it took a long time to sink in, then I got to work and I sat down at my desk and cried. It’s such a degrading thing to say. It’s incredibly insulting."
Public uproar leads to DJs' suspensionFor a week, outrage built across the state. A state legislator spoke against it on the floor of the House of Representatives in Juneau, and it came up Tuesday night at the Anchorage Assembly meeting. School Superintendent Carol Comeau and Mayor Mark Begich publicly condemned it. The Alaska Federation of Natives issued a statement comparing the hosts to embattled shock jock Don Imus. Several people called on advertisers to cancel their contracts.

On Tuesday afternoon, KBFX owner Clear Channel Communications suspended Woody and Wilcox "indefinitely' and ordered them to attend sensitivity training.

"We are confident that what was said was an isolated incident, and it in no way reflects the views of KBFX station personnel," read a statement posted on the station's Web site.
Apparently the show is more sexist than racist:The Fox is the third most-popular morning drive-time radio show in Anchorage among men age 25-54, according to Arbitron ratings from fall 2007. The station plays metal-infused classic rock.

The station clearly targets men, though women call in on occasion.

The morning talk is laden with innuendo, crude humor and porn references. The station's Web site features a "Babe page" with galleries of scantily-clad models spraying each other with garden hoses and straddling guitars. The site's motto is "Surfing the Web with one free hand."
Below:  Michelle Davis.

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