April 22, 2008

Indians keep protesting Dumas

Protesters keep heat on radio showAbout 30 people showed up at the State Capitol on Monday to say they're not letting up the pressure on G-105 and "Bob and The Showgram" for offensive comments about American Indians.

Speakers called for the firing of the popular morning-radio- show crew and a boycott of the show's advertisers. Attendees held signs saying "Stop Hate Media" and "I am not a stereotype."

The protest drew mostly younger Indians, who disagree with the leadership of the N.C. Commission of Indian Affairs and the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.
Lumbee Tribe Wants G105 Advertisers To Switch StationsLumbee Tribe members and other supporters gathered outside the North Carolina State Capital Monday to protest and send a message to those who advertise with G105.

"We are asking the advertisers to stop funding and bankrolling this bigotry,” Jacobs said.

Some advertisers have already taken action. The UNC Pembroke Campus, located in an area with a Rich Lumbee Indian history, pulled its ads from G105 as did Anderson Homes.

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