April 21, 2008

Native fashions and models

Native American fashion show a hit from get-goFashion designer Dorothy Grant's scarves, jewelry, leather handbags and clothing designs ranged from casual to elegant-evening, and from conservative to flamboyantly and many were sold on the spot.

Some of her designs were subtly embellished with art that reflected her Native American art heritage, as well as experiences in Alaska and Canada.

The lovely, local Native American models looked terrific in Grant's designs, strutting the catwalk with smiles and curves instead of frowns and angles. They were Millie Browne, Diana Richards, Ashley Prieto, Cierra Teel, Kelly Teel Berry, Rita Harvey and Summer Alexander, joined by William Beyal, the only "rooster in the hen house."


Anonymous said...

I was told that Gayle Ross is both a native model and a professional storyteller of Cherokee blood. Has anyone seen her at the fashion shows? I typed in her name for a Google Image search and saw that she models nude for Indian fine arts and performs around the country. Sure would like to know more about her.

Rob said...

You can read about Gayle Ross here:


Other than posing for a couple of oil paintings, there's no evidence Ross works as a model these days. Which isn't surprising since she was born in 1951.

Anonymous said...

She was a nude model and performed nude on stage in Hair