September 26, 2008

Aboriginal playwright teaches Indians

Aboriginal playwright visits University theater classes

David Milroy’s work examines the Australian Aboriginal experience from both a historical and contemporary standpoint.Australian Aboriginal playwright David Milroy weaves the past and present of the Aboriginal story through his work.

Milroy will speak about the experience to six Introduction to Theater classes today as part of the “Origins: on the Road” tour sponsored by Bronitsky and Associates, an international cultural marketing company. Milroy will also present a play-writing workshop at Haskell Indian Nations University tomorrow.
And:Milroy is a member of the Palyku tribe in Australia. He said Aboriginal theater served as a “catch-up theater” because it told stories that had been left out of history books. It also serves as a way to maintain Aboriginal culture.

The inspiration for Milroy’s work comes from the real-life experiences of his family, friends and tribal group, which he compared to the experience of American Indians. He said he also developed traditional stories into contemporary pieces.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Plays and Other Stage Shows.

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