September 26, 2008

Johnny Depp as Tonto?!

Depp to play Lone Ranger's sidekickJohnny Depp is to play sidekick Tonto in a Disney remake of The Lone Ranger.

Depp, 45, has Cherokee Indian as well as German and Irish ancestry.

The big screen version of The Lone Ranger is being made by Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The new Pirates of the Caribbean will follow three previous blockbuster films with Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.
Comment:  Johnny Depp as Tonto? Because he has a fraction of Cherokee blood?

Hey, maybe Depp can make a movie with Taylor Lautner (Twilight) as father and son Indians. They're both Native enough for Hollywood, right?

So much for Disney's alleged commitment to minorities. I guess it doesn't extend to Indians, the invisible Americans.

What an insult to all the great Native actors out there. Once again, Hollywood kicks Indians in the teeth.

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Anonymous said...

It's not rocket science. You can look at the guy and see he's NDN.

Rob said...

How someone looks isn't one of the defining characteristics of being Indian. For more on the subject, see Johnny Depp Looks Indian? and "Actual Indian" Defined.

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried about Depp as Tonto so much as I am worried about what Bruckheimer might do to the Lone Ranger story itself.

Anonymous said...

Now take a step back. Your comment, "Johnny Depp as Tonto? Because he has a fraction of Cherokee blood?" I find upsetting. I am native american and enrolled in my tribe but my nieces and nephew are not. Now does that make them any less native? My answer is NO! Bloods blood. Now I do agree we need more native actors playing native roles. But when someone like Johnny Depp who has always claimed a Native background and has always giving native people respect and admiration. Wheres the problem? When I heard of the casting I felt if any "not enough Native" had to be Tonto I am glad it was Johnny Depp.

PS- Love this blog, I am not a hater.