February 03, 2009

Stereotypical Red Bull commercial

Red Bull Stimulation--Only Smoke Signals Without Red BullA simple line drawing animated cartoon shows a teepee either side of a great canyon. As red-indian drums accompany the background music, Brown Bear and White Pigeon communicate their unrequited love across the great divide by means of animated and suggestive smoke signals. The narrator comments "Ahh, no Red Bull, no happy ending."
Only Smoke Signals Without Red Bull

Comment:  Indians of the past, teepees, smoke signals, feathers in headbands, pseudo-Indian names, war whoops, tom-toms, flute music...the usual stereotypes.

For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.


Rob said...

For what it's worth, I saw this commercial on the air during the Feb. 2 episode of Gossip Girl.

Petitfoureyes said...

I randomly found your blog post while trying to google this atrocity of an 'advertisement'.

I was so infuriated, as a Native American, I emailed Red Bull to complain, and just started a facebook group devoted to boycotting Red Bull based solely on this commercial!!!

I used to love Red Bull, but now I'm having second thoughts. Feel free to join the Facebook group, called "RED BULL DEGRADES NATIVE AMERICANS WITH MORONIC AD - BOYCOTT!!"

It's the year 2009, and about time people realized we don't all live in tee pees and have names like 'Brown Bear' and 'White Dove'
Thanks for acknowledging how messed up this is!!!

Anonymous said...

i just literally seen this commercial and i think its bullshit. you white ppl should be glad your in the americas maybe you should go back to where you belong

Anonymous said...

I just saw this ad on television, too. Take solace in the fact it's a super-caffeinated energy drink, by and for morons. You can't hope for much from that crowd. RIP everything that was once good about this country.