February 16, 2012

Native Jersey Shore needed?

An aboriginal version of Jersey Shore?

Now that would be a hit

By Colleen Simard
An aboriginal version of Jersey Shore? Now that would be a hit.

We need to get in on this reality television craze. It would be a win-win for everyone.

We aboriginal people love our reality shows, like Jersey Shore, dramas and comedies. Maybe we see a little of ourselves when we watch certain shows. We could name this show Sagkeeng Shore or something.

Just put a couple of aboriginal college students, musicians and a few working stiffs together in a house and watch the hilarity and drama unfold. We could call them the Bannock Crew.
Simard's reasoning:Granted, a Sagkeeng Shore might get some of the more conservative among us a little riled up. After all, just documenting young aboriginal people doing things like going to the bar and trying to romance women wouldn’t look good.

I can see their point.

It has taken decades just to get to where people don’t think of us standing around teepees, wearing loincloths and headdresses. I blame Dances with Wolves.

C’mon, people–we’ve got aboriginal architects, bus drivers, comedians and bank managers now.
Other say no

But people who read about this proposal on Facebook were against it:No way; not worth the denigration (sic) of the culture to be associated with that franchise.

Gross. I think many people would argue that it would reinforce stereotypes and misconceptions of Natives and reality shows have absolutely NO substance whatsoever, it would be a waste of resources to even attempt it. The people on the show are NOT young and you don't make the same mistakes night after night after night. If we broadcast these things to young impressionable kids... I doubt they will use it as a learning tool, but will most likely try to model themselves after them instead. The reality show Jersey Shore is not reality. Most people have jobs, support families and pay bills... they don't stay in some elses beach house to party night after night after night and hookup with each other. Jersey Shore is trash.

O hell no bad bad idea complete garbage so it would be a bunch of drunk indians fighting and making fools of themselves?
Comment:  A Native reality show would be a good idea, but not one modeled on Jersey Shore. That's not the place to see Natives as "architects, bus drivers, comedians, and bank managers."

For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.

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