February 05, 2012

Patriots kick Indian in Super Bowl video

Bizarre Animated Taiwanese Super Bowl Preview Shows Patriots Kicking IndianThis bizarre animated video from the Taiwanese company Next Media Animation is a ‘preview’ of today’s Super Bowl match between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants that takes creative license with, well, everything.

At the 38-second mark is where things get really weird. The video makes mention of the Patriots’ infamous cheating scandal (they were caught taping opposing teams practices) and their penchant for running up the score on opposing teams (as they did to the Kansas City Chiefs this year, in a 34-3 drubbing). The way Next Media Animation chose to portray the Patriots running up said score against the Chiefs? By kicking an animated American Indian who’s prostrate on the ground.

Naturally people on Facebook commented on this video:That's disgusting! Holy crap! :( On the other hand, "kick a Native while he/she's down" is the Canadian Government's mindset isn't it?

And the abuse continues after all these centuries...

lol. Too funny. Taiwanese animators? America is even outsourcing their racist antiquated propaganda.


As usual, another sports franchise insults Native Peoples for no reason other than the concept of kick 'em while they are still down. Thing that irks me all the more is if this was a (Detroit) lion being kicked and pummeled, animal rights groups like PETA would be howling for boycotts and fines being imposed, among other things and you would hearing about it on the news for the next month!

Archaic, abominable, disgusting, clueless, cretinous.
Just a football promo?

The defeated "chiefs" actually appear from 0:33 to 0:40 in the video. That's seven seconds of the 79-second video, or 9% of the total. Does hurting the Indians really deserve that much time?

Let's look at one Facebook exchange in particular:Crystal

This is about RIVAL FREAKIN FB TEAMS!!!! Proud Blackfoot here & FB FANATIC!!!!!!!! Its called look at the names of the Teams!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPL put down my STEELERS & show pix of ppl kicking their asses-duz that NOT MATTER bcoz they do not have a Native name????????? Dont make it MORE than WUT IT IS!!!!!!!!!! Just plain FB Banner!!!!!!


It may be about football teams but this just goes to show how sports is only used today to fuel hate the same as nearly every other aspect of life.
My response to Crystal:

I'm looking at the names of the teams. A "Chief" could be anything--e.g., a chief executive officer or a fire chief. Instead it's a stereotypical Indian--and not even a chief. How exactly do you justify that?

So I conclude that Cory is right. Sports is being used, perhaps inadvertently, to fuel hate.

P.S. I don't think videos should show someone kicking a "Steeler" on the ground either. But a Steeler is an occupation, not a historically persecuted race. That an ethnic team name can become an excuse for an anti-Indian message shows the problem with such team names.

For more problematical TV commercials, see Suzuki's Dog-Sled Commercial and KELO-Land's All-White TV Ads.


Anonymous said...

The use of the tricorn hat on a black guy is the most unintentionally hilarious part of it; they don't even realize that most black people blocked the British because there was a strong abolitionist sentiment in Britain, which actually abolished slavery decades before America did. This is, of course, less "Way to go, Britain!" and more "What the hell, America?"

Shadow Wolf said...

Regarding the Super Bowl and a wide array of advertisements, with relevancy to racism. The one put out that Republican from Michigan, which depicted a stereotypical Asian woman who spoke "broken English", while riding a bicycle near a patch of rice paddies. A backlash ensued on the Republican element. It exposed the true nature of the Republican's abhorrent racism. The racist ad itself was originally made in Cali.

dmarks said...

Yes, my most recent blog post is about this ad. Which is lame and hypocritical once you remove the racist element besides.

Anonymous said...

So a name such as chief is not racist just a logo if its an Indian?

Anonymous said...


Completely unrelated, but I wanted to share it with you.