February 06, 2012

Savage Indians on Braves patches

Braves ditch insensitive patch on new throwbacks

By 'DukIt was a complete no-brainer, but props to the Atlanta Braves for placing a new crossed tomahawk logo on the sleeve of their new weekend alternates. The cream-colored throwbacks—which the baseball world learned about a few weeks ago—are based on the uniforms that the team first wore after moving to Atlanta in the 1960s.

The jerseys of those less-enlightened times featured a savage on the sleeve and it's a wonder that anyone ever thought the image was OK. The logo strips Native Americans of any humanity and turns them into a one-dimensional character devoid of any sympathy or tribute. It honestly might be the only defense that the few defenders of Cleveland's Chief Wahoo have left. ("Well, it's not as bad as what Atlanta used to have.")

Thankfully the current Braves brass made the necessary alterations before the retro resurrection so that paying tribute to the franchise's history is possible without alienating a group of people in the process.

Comment:  A no-brainer...because the crossed tomahawks are so much more sensitive than the leering, shark-toothed savage. Gee, thanks for your sensitivity.

Someone on Facebook said the second patch is more sensitive, to which I responded:

With the emphasis on "more" sensitive. As in slightly more sensitive.

Alternate headline: "Braves replace one insensitive patch with another."

For the double implication that Indians were killers and evildoers, the Braves get a Stereotype of the Month entry.

For more on the Atlanta Braves, see Braves Haven't Helped Choctaws and Former Noc-A-Homa = (Oxy)Moron.

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