September 23, 2012

Evolution video game features Lakota

Gaming company to release Native American-themed gameA new gaming company in Germany called Scorpius Forge will be introducing a new series of games called Evolution that incorporates historical references and nature to create positive and interactive learning experience.

Native Americans is the first installment of the game series that takes place in 18th century Lakota Sioux territory. The player takes control of a 6-year-old boy who learns how to fish, hunt and ride horses. The game focuses heavily on living conditions, environmental effects, culture and rites of the Lakota.

Each hour of gameplay adds a year to the character’s life. The player can develop skills as a warrior, start a family and contribute to the community. Although the character can die, his skills can be passed to his descendants and the game will restart on a higher level with difficult challenges.

The game, scheduled for release in December, will be available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Comment:  The focus on the Lakota of the past is a bit unfortunate. Modern Indians from a variety of tribes could learn these skills too.

Even if it focuses on the past, the game could include a modern framework. You know, modern Indians want to learn traditional skills, so they consult an elder who tells stories about the past. Then the game goes into flashback mode.

But for what it's doing, the game sounds good. Sounds like it portrays Indians the way video games should portray them. Namely, as people with sophisticated skills and beliefs, not as savage killing machines.

For more on Indians in video games, see Assassin Creed 3' Native Heritage and "Native Representations in Video Games."

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, "savage killing machine" sounds like 90% of videogames today. Okay, that's a stereotype itself, but whatever.