September 26, 2012

Navajo Skate and BMX Competition

Wheels Up: The Skater and BMX Competition at the 66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Another Success

By Sunnie ClahchischiligiOn September 8, during the 66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Skate and BMX Competition held at the Office of Dine Youth/Boys and Girls Club of the Dine Nation skate park in Ft. Defiance, dozens of skateboarders and bikers, including Harvey, competed for a chance to win a skateboard and other prizes.

Harvey, 13, is now a sponsored skater for Lucky Day Skate Co., and no longer has to compete for a board, but that didn’t stop him from entering.

“It has changed for me,” he said. “Now that I’m sponsored, I don’t really need to worry about it, but I just joined to compete and have fun.”

Many aren’t as fortunate as Harvey, which is why Urian Begay, health education technician for Navajo Health Education Program in Ft. Defiance, helps put on such competitions multiple times a year. The Navajo Health Education Program reaches out to students and presents at various schools and communities about subjects such as tobacco, drug use and STDs.
Comment:  For more on Indians and skateboarding, see Red Lake Skate Park Opens and Stronghold Society Sponsors Sk8Jam Competition.

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