September 21, 2012

Zuni Indian Website Launches to Highlight Southwestern TribeA new website is honoring the traditions and heritage of the Zuni Indian tribe. launched to provide visitors with new insights into the world of the tribe.

"A lot of people aren't aware of how the tribe influenced modern American culture and there's really some fascinating information out there," said an editor with "The tribe's artwork and jewelry is a popular commodity even today and has helped drive the tribe's economy for generations."

Visitors will learn about the societal development of the tribe as well as interesting facts about Zuni culture. The tribe still lives in their ancestral homelands in Western New Mexico, where they first entered prior to 2500 BC.

"The first tribespeople to inhabit what we now know as New Mexico hunted big game and later started agriculture," said. "The Puebloan tribes of the Southwest were able to grow corn even in the dry high desert climate by building flat-roof homes that allowed for the collection and storage of rain water."
Comment:  I'd say every tribe should set up an informational site like this one. Or link to an existing site if they believe it's reliable.

For more on the Zuni, see 100 Years Pueblo Exhibition and Zuni Is First Native MainStreet.

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