December 23, 2013

Conservative ignorance about Benghazi

I know! Egypt = pyramids. Iran = Iraq. Cuba = cigars. Syria = okay, I don't know that one. North Korea = Kim something...Kardashian? Liberia = Gaddafi. Benghazi = all of the above.

Facts, people! Read the Koran! Muslims are out to get us!

More poll questions:

How many Benghazis is Obama responsible for? 28% said 10 or more.

Is Benghazi still happening, or is it over? 37% said still happening.

Did Obama pass a law making Benghazi legal? 42% said yes.

Is Benghazi an abstract word that scares you because it sounds Muslim? A whopping 89% said yes.

In conclusion: Facts, people! Numbers are facts! Believe what I tell you because it "makes sense"!

For more on conservative ignorance, see Black Columnist Excuses "Redskins," Genocide and Miss America Sparks America's Racism.

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