September 16, 2013

Miss America sparks America's racism

An excellent example of how racist we still are despite--or because of--electing a black president:

Racists Are Being Hella Racist Because Miss America Isn't White

The worst reactions to Nina Davuluri being crowned Miss America

20 Racist Tweets About the New Miss America

Fox News host: new Miss America, Nina Davuluri, doesn’t ‘represent American values’

Miss America brushes off the bigots[W]ith her victory, Davuluri has made an outmoded, quaintly sexist relic somehow relevant–subversive, even. She’s sparked a conversation about what it means to be truly American (Hint: The qualifications don’t include European descent) and exposed the racists in their astonishing ignorance. She showed that while it’s grotesque enough to hate, to hate without any degree of geographic, historic or cultural accuracy takes a person to a super-achiever level of grotesque. And if there were prizes to be handed out for sheer absurdity, a whole lot of people would be wearing tiaras today.Comment:  Apparently white skin is an "American value" now. Which is what conservatives such as Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin mean when they talked about "real Americans": white people.

You rarely see such a pure case of America's racism in action. Davuluri is an American citizen, hasn't done anything wrong, and isn't a Muslim or an Arab. (Not that it would matter if she were a Muslim or an Arab.) So a bunch of bigots are attacking her for nothing except her race.

For more on the subject, see Racists Think "Equality Was Achieved" and "Everybody's Equal" But No Interracial Dating. Or click on the link to see my 600-plus blog entries on racism, most of them dealing only with Native Americans.

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