September 18, 2013

Nepean Redskins to change name

This Canadian football team is changing its name--mainly because one person led a campaign against it. Score another victory for the power of protest.

Nepean Redskins to change team name

By Chris CobbThe Nepean Redskins football club’s board of directors will officially announce Friday that they will change the club’s name.

The club has been under fire from across Canada for what critics say is an outdated, racist reference to native people.

But the Redskins had resisted the change, saying there was never any intent to offend any group.

Ottawa musician Ian Campeau, an Ojibway, filed a complaint with Ontario Human Rights Tribunal three weeks ago asking them to order the National Capital Amateur Football Association to change the names of all Redskins teams in its association and to scrap logos that depict the cartoon figure of a native man.
Comment:  That's one "Redskins" down, one to go!

This comes a mere two weeks after the Redskins' president assured us that Canada's First Nations approved the name and it would continue. I guess he was lying through his teeth.

For more on the Nepean Redskins, see Human Rights Complaint Against Nepean Redskins and Campaign Against Nepean Redskins.

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