September 05, 2013

Highway stretch honors Choctaw codetalkers

Oklahoma highway stretch to honor Choctaw Code TalkersOklahoma is honoring a group of World War I Choctaw Code Talkers by renaming a stretch of highway near where many of the men lived.

The Choctaw Nation and the Choctaw Code Talkers Association are hosting a dedication ceremony for the event on Friday.

The state is renaming 55 miles of Highway 3 between Antlers and Broken Bow in their honor.

Fourteen of the 19 original Choctaw Code Talkers lived in the area and often walked along the highway, and many family members still live in the area.
Comment:  For more on the codetalkers, see Muscogee Creek Codetalker Medal and Radio Marathon for Comanche Codetalkers.

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