September 26, 2013

Oneida "Change the Mascot" campaign

'Change the Name' Campaign Takes Anti-Redskins Message to Oakland FansOne, two and now three powerful groups have denounced the Washington football team’s use of a disparaging slur: Redskins.

And today, a new radio advertisement released by the Oneida Indian Nation of New York cites those three reasons for why the slur should not be used. Members of Congress, The Washington Post’s editorial board, and the Washington City Council have joined Former Oakland Raider CEO, Amy Trask, and the Nation calling on the team to change its name.

As part of the Change the Mascot campaign, the Oneida Nation launched a third radio ad entitled “Inspire” which documents how leading voices in Washington, D.C., are calling on the team to abandon its use of the offensive slur.

The ad begins with a question. “What do the Washington City Council, some Members of Congress, The Washington Post and Native American groups have in common? All have asked to change the name of Washington's football team.”
Oneidas keep pressure on Washington Redskins in latest ad

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